Transiting through Auckland

The quickest and easiest way to connect.

You’ve heard about ‘a better way to fly’. Just think of Auckland International as ‘a better way to transit’. Catching your connecting flight from Auckland really is a breeze.

No hassle, no queues, no crowds. If you hold an Australian or New Zealand passport, you don’t need to worry about customs or immigration. All other passport holders can learn more about the simple transit immigration process here. You’ll be catching your next flight from the same terminal, so your bags will be transferred automatically.

All you need to do when you arrive in Auckland is enjoy it. Stretch your legs, grab a coffee, do some shopping… Because Auckland International boasts an impressive range of retail outlets offering the best Kiwi and international designer brands. There’s a great selection of bars, cafes and restaurants, and also all your travel essentials like pharmacy items, batteries, books and magazines.

If you’re a Business Premier customer or Koru member, you’ll have complimentary lounge access. Take a seat, grab a drink and help yourself to the stunning buffet. Or ask the chef to make you something to order. The Air New Zealand lounge is as quiet and stylish as it is comfortable. A great place to put your feet up (literally thanks to our very comfy recliners) or catch up on emails.

auckland international lounge bar air nz a better way to fly2
auckland international lounge food chef air nz a better way to fly2